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God’s Word

God’s Word is just that; God’s Word! It is not based on opinion but truth. It is not based on man’s will but God’s will. It is written from the very heart of God Himself. He has put Himself into words, and we can read those words, allow them to get into our heart, then speak His word out our mouth and they will have the same effect as God speaking because they are God’s Word! They are filled with faith, hope, love, righteousness, redemption, forgiveness, joy, instruction, and judgment. We must learn His Word, we must study His Word, we must remain in His Word, we must Speak His Word, and we must do His Word. Romans 10 verse 17 says ‘Faith comes by hearing And hearing by the Word of God’. His Word activates a response in us and we are compelled By the Holy Spirit to act upon His Word and then it comes alive in us, and then through us. Isaiah 55 verse 11 says ’So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; IT SHALL NOT Return to me void, but IT SHALL accomplish what I please, and IT SHALL prosper in The thing for which I sent it’. The second part of verse 11 from Isaiah 46 says ‘Indeed I have spoken it; I WILL also BRING IT TO PASS. I have purposed it; I WILL also do it’. Numbers 23 verse 19 says ‘God is not a man, that He should lie; nor a son of man, that He Should repent. Has HE SAID, and WILL HE not do it? Or has HE SPOKEN, and WILL HE Not make it good?’ God’s Word is just that; God’s Word!

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