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But It Shall Accomplish What I Please

God never speaks an idle word. When the Lord speaks, it's to give instruction, correction, direction, or to exhort, edify and comfort, or what's going to happen. His Word is creative, and each word spoken has an assignment. You can hear it in this part of Isaiah 55:11, when God says 'But it shall accomplish what I please.' He has just told the prophet Isaiah that what He speaks will take place. The word 'shall' means plan to, intend to, expect to, will have to, and definitely will, and it is used 4 times in this verse alone. The word accomplish means to bring to its goal or conclusion, carry out, perform, finish, to complete, to perfect. God is telling us here that what He says definitely will be completed. It will happen, period. This should stir our faith to the point that we understand this one principle, that God gave us His word, and His word is truth. We should expect the same results. We don't speak His word, and expect different results. When we speak the same way that God speaks, then we should expect the same results that God expects. We were created in His image and therefore should be speaking the exact same way that our Father speaks. Like Father, like son and daughter. Get it? What has God spoken to you? Has He shown you things that He desires you to do? Has He shown you things that will take place in the future? Be encouraged and rejoice, for the Word that has gone forth out of the mouth of Almighty God shall accomplish what He pleases.

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